12 October 2002

incarcerate the bleeding childrn
tailor-made slogans crushing bones snapping
like brittle majorcorp perfect scarred
in diesel fumes and bullet wounds
and diarrhoea/vomit til the babies scream
held high in total disparate subjugation
to policy stained trousers
survival of the meanest
trancending suburban obligation
without allstar clarity, tiger snakes and frozen bread

and the politic collective moron monopoly
gaols muslim babies so u.s. dictators get tax breaks to damage masses
the corrective institutions guarantee doublespeak
and descretation where transparency is redundant;
and cloaks of sand become harsh cellos of humanity
round number crunching carnival of white mans persecution


they swapped heads and trailed forth in fat bundles
some gathered in solar groups and swept vast channels
we always play blackjack in tenderline shells - wincing hard

we're alla pack of loungewise
armchair neo-nazi corporate slaves
half the poulation overweight on prozac-driven
production-line special edition shit.
swallowing mass hegemonik chunx of monoculture mindset.
break my face with yr brand new slogans.
we're all a bunch of mediocre concentration camp - lovin
consumer-driven fashion sheep sucking hard sweaty fat-cop grease
the baton cold against yr screaming bloated face.
we're a fearful lockemout kick yr hed rip it up burn it down
spesh-fx addictive fetish sound byte
whip-out yr small-town mass-mind robot talker
band-aid finger neatly mown n bordered..
make sure you lock yr door fast when the revolution breaks,
HARK! the matrix-cult of nu tru blu believrs
pullin at the razor-wire and trample in the rocket desert dust.
we're all a flock of xeno-homophobic
beautifully supra skin perfect faced illusions
sitting sucking blendin into main stream trance
all the fucking interest rate n plastic bags accumulated
bottles of expensive wine to work for thirty percent
of yr life subjugated to freeway trains n concrete
when the loungeroom goes stale toast
we realise the channel is empty white noise
filled with products placed between products
and sometimes i wish i wasn't dead or
suffocating in an imaginery fear of compassion
by defacating processed and preserved nasty brown
and masticating the cold fat in yr mouth
we're all a pack of mindcrushed
baby boomer products peppered with genxbigmacnintendos
asking why why why and the last generation
in the sun turns to bleach

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