24 October 2004


link to my band's basic site: miteyko.com

above stills from video shown on RAGE this weekend! see tenc.tv for more details of the animated miteyKo video made by Richard Eames and Helena Tay Li-Ya... if yr in perth, u can see the video on thursday night [28oct]. see here...

The writer is dead... a performance by 3 of perth's most exciting avant garde poets featuring spoken word rants and porno-jam slide shows. tomas ford's cabaret of death, gabrielle everall, and miteyKo's anitpoet & kevin gillam star in this Artrage event. after the werdz JENIFA & VIOLENT BLUE LIGHT GHOSTS will be screened followed by improvised laptop noise battery! at $5 a head it's bargain fun even yr grandmother would enjoy!!

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