01 November 2004

anti_poet : th rebirth of meaning

anonymous v.220c

hinge via gruter: whateva - white noise dreams no.4

in the red carpet firelight
she spat at the trip-wax
motivated on bread-skool hands
and trolley-boy tornaments
all brittle shale n wavy-haired excellence
all veins n tendon cream
all drum n bass healing

the stars are pigmentary gods
inanimate carbon bodies - black at times, invisible
we stroked each others balls in the dry light
these coloured chips better than most - i offered.

spastically, yet realistically now
our red-haired minders sleep in well-oiled colour
gentle ease the sphincter - slo-mo ease my muscle open

that bank-licked freeway drone afterglow
in me. yr totally underdeveloped gear.

s/he says:
poor new vaccuum-flavoured "large model tools lack" texture

his: sexuality/meaning/narrative/real-bitumen/colour/torch/signs/

but i gurgle in the empty shower, as he resonates in spice
in speech bubbles now: he stole these beekeepers on roids;
suicide cluster-men; middle-east[er] fencepost graffiti;
head-shaped hearts; traditional-deathstyle-meetups;
she challenges all basketball manufacts. cancer diversity.

- these new tiles collecting mould
in the blue gum shadow
every inexorable penis eaten swift in control groups
matching yr stolen shame; our pressed flag notions

- all drippy n happy-days. we remember the war.
the war. the war. the war.

in stealth-mode he whispered the script:
i've 3 words to say, he says,

1. [bliss/turn]
never boil rudimentary travels
always look before the subtle moss
the bright edged uniform
bite first, he smoked


2. [kiss/leave]
we mustnt leave the mental premises
our feet attached

so, surely

3. [fist/cheek]
poetry: its not a gift

but then, and the whole world bites your back,
thru the crack she sat now

all terror n wet in the halogen wash
the empty show freedom

that moonlit paint
enamel sweet n stencilled
broke n easy. we sit. chill.

alert: unbusted in red pill mantra

gif show from pip starr's:
"through the wire" - oceania indymedia newsreal

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