19 April 2005

BAXTER2005 Contact remix

This Mp3 audio piece, from the Easter 2005 Baxter Detention Centre Convergence in South Australia is 8 minutes of raw edit of contact between activists and detainees - from the frontlines - served up on an audiomulched beat/noise bed. AZADI

audio: MP3 at 5.8 mebibytes

The audio begins with a few minutes of the call and response contact between a few hundred activists and a group of detainees - some of whom climbed on the Detention Centre's roof - on Easter Saturday 2005. Feel free to use this on any Indymedia/Independent/Radical/Radio anywhere anyhow! AZADI

Baxter Detention Centre: Sth Australia
See http://baxter05.info

AZADI = Freedom in Farsi...

Note: The raw audio of the Contact can be found here:

a_x [note audio link fixed!]


Anonymous said...

The correct audio link is

check out what weve been upto on a similar topic in Ireland

Day Five: Dublin Hostel Hunger Strike

antipoet said...

thanx for that - fixed!