07 September 2005

The Temporary Autonomous Zone, Ontological Anarchy, Poetic Terrorism

Wow what a crazy few weeks sprouting werdz at different folk in far off lands. Overload was massive and spastic. Tomas Ford is adhd-performance insanity encapsulated. And he wote a REALLY long poem/blog ["blogem"?] along the footpath of Brunswick St.Queensland PF = intense. Met some awesome people.

Contrary to popular concepts, Poetry IS NOT DEAD!

Hope to write more on the various antipoet adventures when I get a second. Busy with the WA Poetry Fest.

Go naked for a sign - Hakim Bey - TAZ

But anyway I read the final chapter of this essay whilst in Melbourne - thanks Tobes for the Book: "Cultural Resistance Reader."

More Bey Links:

Intend to write more about this...

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