11 October 2005

on the phone near mt newman [to the missed options]

on the phone near mt newman

1. discrete communications saw us break there,
forcibly reminded yr dissident angel is thwarted.
a banksia-facade she rants hard at the state railing

2. we pierce edges of the corruption lines
all finish coats and brindle stanzas in code;
sweating at 3AM roadside trailer noise
like broken waves, the doppelganger chorus
of you wanting to smash a phone

3. weep like santa-myth textiles, mills and mines
we dreamt fabulous tickets to tear the papers
the narrator took special care pronouncing its name

4. yet none of us around the circle remembered
we took turns at the wheel studying the doppler effect
crop circle meanings;

talking to static bramah bulls
and roos the size of utes

5. near perth we spoke nanoseconds to death
at the roads edge, the flash of steel speeds
red-eyed and transfixed;

a jarrah blur beneath

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