01 February 2006

poem for australian microphone lovers

poem for australian microphone lovers

cold art eats me; rain still bleats her binary admin
i am a consuming model of oceania tactile apathy,

pissing astonishing calculators and such
lost n steady, a nearby rock stance - more needy than poses,

of teams and broken strings
instead i'm a contrived market, a billion dollar riff
we spitted more poems then, yet now in yeast we trip
and never lie about chronic obesity and lack of treaty

or free hydro-tobacco, an organic jesus clone - spam
a genetically modified lip stitcher, a punching bag for fence sitters

my sweet woomera poster grrrl for a wife
i am dead before my time, i said. a shining slut of endosement

a vigourous clitoral debate, a new colour feeling of working
for god, shoes or the senate - an anarchistic dilemma

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