21 March 2007

Eating the Culture Monster - Zero Wing

Zero Wing

Here: all your base are belong to us
this sensational golden shower
like climate apathy acting an eating out of itself
like a capital import of me
pretending to not be fake
and Culture Will Eat Itself


Here: emancipate a global massive passivity
an elongated grand narrative; a critical pole dance
a monopoly of guitar stance remedies
of videos of nothing

Here: there be monsters, a broken string
and the bases are eating it
the culture the culture the culture
2000 years of the culture cats
the culture cats
the monster-trucks of jesus

All your base are belong to us
You have no chance to survive make your time

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

hey boydy... how are ya?
a fellow poet and young gun by the name of Matt Smith is heading over that way in the coming month... told him he should get in contact with you when he does... kid's got potential and he's doing a poetry tour!! melbourne, canberra, WA... think you could help him at all
his no. is 0423761296
maybe callhim later this month see where the hell he is... catcha Kami