19 November 2008

sitcom amerika

back of the packet hard to read in this lung light
yr yellowcake smile under the statue, stark leafed
our collective biology, a new kinda sex
this rigid place a grey fade stencil, the bitumen coalface
under the blood n bone
a skyscrapin foreskin, a clitoral beige lace
etched into monument, a sonic altruism
crown-shaped death of language, their sacred halitosis
yr heavy hand between my cardigan legs

i am fitter in those photos, free of enunciation porn
at the station, word had passed - a deep breath
the colted regret, like a jesus christ phrase, bolted
my plastic biceps in rapture, linguistic glee
their 7/11 9/11 fingernail epic, a twin tower menstrual fable
the controller against my skin shudders like editorial eyebrow
we breathe each others’ exorcism
we got white blisters, a pissing rash
an open source helmet panic
we used our painted bodies as shields, a daisy cutter festival

at tailings dam mountain we soak, the red dust a comical stance – a black sun exists, she said
how many parts per billion does it take to change a light globe, sing it
we breathe...we breathe...we breathe, say it

my stubble a static rainbow, a political mirror – this cushionism
ive been contemplating alcoholism
small uranium grains ignite spontaneously in air at room temperature
we breathe stars and dinosaurs here my brother
inhale this brady bunch ringtone, breathe breathe breathe

allanboyd - november 08, in response to maitland

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