20 May 2009

go-duster brochure

at the barricades
they strut
spilling guts in the last quarter
we've come this far, so far tonight
in this hyde park - you

and the go-duster messing with my desire
breaking the capital code of sprinkler police
i'm waitin for the directive
at the oceans edge
wrack beneath me feet

and the rocks n stones thrown at tanks
in the desert heat
we eat each others ego
like cunts in the front bar

throwing back wet ambers
like denying clouds
in city streets, the concrete
the rigid nipples at the gate
the door bitch rehab
the pose
the hype
the traffic
the cone in backseat trilogies

i'm lost in the brochure
killin time and ants
a rhythm, a stance
a ranting sting

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