01 June 2009

remember those 192020 things

once babe
19 yr tall black leather boots in july
yr hexagonic echo legs
my skin buckles at the hint of you
at yr acoustic turgidity
the rise of the concrete stair
step click
step click
for yr grip, our ribs grind
our fucking lips finger tongue-scapes
my 6AM weaknesses, some sort of dawn
yr twenty in the fake mail, eventually

from karinyup bitumen
hey that trailer-ejected mattress, us
my bush shed wrist flicked rhythmic
the blues riff trance, a new status-quo
the orgiastic sounds
for twisted kites n toodyay stars
our insignificant constellation
thanks, you never left

maybe the caves road fuck
when they did the tour
against the karri was it
or the jarrah maybe
the bark of us

then our ice melt fetish
above the swans
that blistering day
the melding sweats
ideas of sex
new parts

empty lounges
kids r alright
we sing purity
sensual clarity
nothing i want

(an us poem in progress...)

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