07 September 2009

Poems from the dotdotdash magazine launch

dot dot dash dot dot dash…EE EE TEE - EE EE TEE
duck duck dash dot dash duck duck dash dot dot dash
anybody got any hash - leave yr tattered garments at the door
didya see a finch at the window
the zephyr of morning wordscapes
at the sunrise meltdown of letters n shapes
more meat than mel and koshy
more red guts than a butcher shop
bigger than the fattest zine dream
theres prizes bursting at the seam
here we are now entertain us
not lonely in wallpaper houses - the pressed flower at my feet
with the wine talk the scratched page
the uttered prints a stint at the carpark methadone
more perth than a mantle-piece,
extra ducks on the wall
saying dot dot dash - ee ee tee - duck duck dash


ladies and gentlemen - children and mothers
sisters n brothers - people of the street
masters of the concrete - listen up - tonight
here I am: simulating the missing mantra
stimulating the stone-washed pens
the busted strings n fur-balls of my mind
staring stoned, at these flowers
these flowers growing outta my stereo
like marvel comic bastards in the garden
wishing I had more broken oreos
than a stereo stereo
right here at the brink of an orgy
our scattered clothes, a trail of wicked blisters
a Eritrean Gretsch bandit, crammed in with it
smashed on dylan n biscuits, a painted bowie on rollies
some extra bits n pieces of a colour-wheel hi-fi
a rosemount lo-fi
like a cocaine narrative
a psychedelic bandit
seeking smiles and rhymes for a special kinda jesus-wear
a munted baby in the cradle of rock
a stereo flower - a flower of stereos
a flurry of collected animals
like bassendean on bin night
yes! this is stereoflower


boys boys boys - boys boys boys - I love you
ooooh like a love love letter to yr cheeky little sister
hoping you never missed her
pull my little pinky baby
at a gig near the park
a neon glow stick in the dark
a so so so disco virtuoso of ticky ticky boom boom
licking you like a lolly pop fluoro sandwich
an endless tube of fruit tingle-ingle-ingles
getting more from this colour-pop bandwith
listen Lovie, I got a brand new super nintendo
bib bop
like a facebook friendo
ripped up on the pope's electro
and I feel like a liquorice allsort again
are you sad or are you useless,
are you mad or are you pleasant
like a pussy on roids, a pussy cat meow
here puss puss puss
can I revel in yr ticky ticky boom
yr slicky trippy room
can I test yr levels
yr polka dotted pirate mash
pardon my rabid rampant ranting bash
but my wife - she's gonna kill you
here are the boys
the boys the boys
boys boys boys


performed poems at the dotdotdash mag launch Sep 4 09 - Rosemount Hotel

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