05 April 2011

move move move

standing at these fabricated
concrete mindsets
taking set shots at the blue bloc
behind the helmets
behind the shields
behind the barriers

they stand with tiny tears
at the corners of their eyes
and realise that
despite the tang of salt
this is good overtime
this is the real deal
where the weeks
of riot training kicks in
with these ferals to hit
these shitty dissidents
these subversives at their boots
shouting azadi azadi

and at the blue bloc six
in the military cages
is the danger
to something

and inside uniforms
that must keep us safe
from something - something

under the metallic numbers
protecting the citizens
from the breakouts
of these evil refugees

not for a moment
that these people
yes people
with stories
that none of the likes of us
would ever understand
tales from boats
and children leaping from jetties
in pacific sunlight into crystal waters
with those that have little less than
the freedom to move
to move move move

except that inside
the serco profit machines
this is your mother
at the fences
this is your sister
at the razor wire
this is your brother
at the steel gates
of democracy
your children's faces
cut with vehement hypocrisy

and the next swill of that vegan beer
makes you you feel so much better

determined to make the first move
this is the freedom to move move move
this is the freedom to move move move

so patiently waiting in queues at airports
clustered in military camps in deserts

and all they seem to do is shout at cameras
repetitive slogans over and over
stop the boats
stop the boats
stop the boats

and all they want to do is
keep my brothers and sisters
in cages, at long arms law length
no dictionary to plead cases
no blood on these faces
as the blue bloc chant
move move move
and we can
we can move move move
we have the freedom to move move move

look at me run run run at the cyclones
my body bending the wire
look at two of us
our bodies pushing at the wire
look at three and four of us
pushing at the wire
a battering ram of solidarity
five ten twenty of us
pushing at the wire
fifty a hundred and more now
crushing the fences to the ground
as they belt us with batons
as we scramble in the thin sand
a mandate of sweat and bruises

and what they do to those detained
they will also do to you

back at xmas the blue bloc
taking shots
at desperate men in cages
shooting fish in barrels
with shotguns
loaded with nice little bean-bags of justice
lead shot rounds in bags
for those that complain
with their voices, their bodies
their sanity

and this is our country,
and some say they should have used real bullets
i say should they shoot your mother, motherfucker?

they shoot roos don't they
they shoot roos that can't move
without the freedom to move

at easter at the periphery
here's to the brave
and to those inside
lets tear at these fences
at the mental defences
its time to stand up fist raised
and relentlessly
like jesus in the temple
kicking tables of money
to the ground
these fences
this steel barrier
and kill this vile policy
that denies the persecuted
the right, the freedom
to move move move


performed 8 April 2011 at Freedom to Move - a RRAN fundraiser for converge2011.net

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