09 August 2009

dotdotdash mag

{LOOKINFOR?... "Allan Boyd's grin-inducing poetic licks that he used to introduce the bands and the night..." GO HERE DOTDOTDASHERERISERISTAS...}

As posted below, I've submitted for dotdotdash - a spunky fresh-tasting collective of writers, artists, journalists and bloggers. These audacious folks are putting out a "quarterly print journal of new artworks, stories, comics, poetry and creative non-fiction..." They also host a blog.

Some of them were CW students of mine - very inspiring young writers indeed!

First issue comes out in September 2009, second issue scheduled for December 2009.

Read More: dotdotdash.org/

I'm MCing (and posing in Blac Blocs) at their Launch Party on SEPTEMBER 4, 2009: facebook.com/event.php?eid=89980729819

Get into it!

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http://www.dotdotdash.org said...

Hey thanks Al!

Speaking of which we should to meet up at some point to talk about the launch. There's going to be spoken word and bands and zines and graffiti art. It's going to be awesome.

Also is what you sent in to us, the same as you've posted on here, cause our designers and whatnot need an electronic copy to pretty up.

Sj Finch