04 November 2010

draft advice for political stanzas

brothers: this is not a blue light shed on yr brutal masculinity
women: you are not what you wear, ever, indeed
babies: take less medication please
this is a 2AM training session
for the 8000 watt burger-shopper
cooler than fuck we are
and this time, on the inside
dismiss this kiss then - the frilly red thing you wear
mothers: in this light, this ullulating bliss
children: defy this exotic white amplification of words
but i may actually be dead
sisters: I'm part of the walking undead hordes
these door-stop memories - flashes of XXXO
wives: in dark fremantle spaces at weddings
imagining my calloused fingers
inside you shopping for more
my nails scratch deep in yr head
a morphic resonance of grey matter
your camera sowing seeds
of red carpet messages to indonesia
mentions of my skin
and I'm outside the church smoking joints
then corporate memes a US drone across pakistan
standard plutonic treatment - friends of bent nations
fathers: my black wet guts spilled across your table
sage words to shoot down planes with
the bushfire mind to dig new graves with
cancel the thing i said i would do
I'll be in the lobby drinkin for two
and no-one mentions the elephant in your womb…

1 comment:

Jackson said...

I particularly like this one. aesthetically. especially the first few lines