06 November 2010

Isolation Standards - drafting


waiting here like this - the gearstick and little else but fabric between us - we all gather in beds eventually - pure white ceiling snakes unable to shake fists at walls - our rubber cheques god-like.

here her synapses flicker - a separation effect - she is a fragment now - these strands of dense noise -
getting impulses behind her face at 140 metres per second

yet I'm selling myself - this vehicle a pulsating sac of protein, carbon and ideas - a market commodity - this knife to tell stories with - a history of blood, comrade

we've stood on fences before, the cameras crushed underfoot - my steel caps on the neck of this badge - we're waiting in lines for lungs - a new breed of caution

I'm sliced again, this time in triangular segments, we measure in millimetres the length of thorns - our products defining each purchase of the rock - in tattered packs, we watch the buildings collapse aflame - the concrete edges framing the distance

at the steps the clock strikes in a daylight pose - and this time I'm naked at the uniforms - my oldest friend a butcher - in the shadows our torn disciples rest, tell discontinuous narratives like soup surfing with a fork.


Isolation isolation isolation isolation isolation

The process by which we separate ourselves from others either through geographical separation or internal separation, where we withdraw into ourselves and distance ourselves from others socially and personally. It can also be when others separate themselves from us because for whatever reason they consider us different and therefore socially unacceptable.

1 2 3 cut

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See I do exist. Well I think I exist? Do I exist? DO I EXIST?

Nobody knows me, nobody understands me, nobody sees me

So therefore if nobody sees me do I exist then?

I must because I see and feel the blood running

I think and feel the isolation of others

Them not letting me in or me not letting them in

Who is isolating who

1 2 3 cut

1 2 3 cut

1 2 3 cut

I exist I exist I exist

There is this wall which I have built around me. It is invisible, although if you look very closely you might be able to see it.

I don’t like myself very much at all so I won’t let anyone in.
I am afraid that they will see what I see
when I look in the mirror and what I see is not very nice.

1 2 3 cut

1 2 3 cut

1 2 3 cut

Isolation separation others process separating somebody something
others fact being alone, separated others process others separation isolation


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