19 May 2005

Antipoet Workshop

i'm doing another "antipoet" workshop for the Fellowship of Australian Writers at Tom Collins House - 88 Wood Street, in Allen Park Swanbourne this weekend.

i really enjoy these things...

if theres any perth.wa folk who wanna come along...

please come.

The Antipoet Workshop with Allan Boyd
Saturday 21st May 11 am to 5 pm
Cost: $20

What is "antipoetry"?

Come along and meet allan boyd [author of the antipoet manifesto] to find out.

We'll look at what it means to challenge the existing paradigms of dominant culture in 2005.
Why is now "not the time for decorative art"?

Learn that suffering for your art is a personal choice, not a foregone conclusion.

What is a "Zine"

Where are all the real poets?

Contemplate Art and Activism.

Discover how adverbs are fascist. Discuss web-writing and Internet Publishing.

"Be the change you want to see" and incorporate integrity into your art and writing.

Why is there no such thing as "writers block?"

Take the power back and shape words to your own wants, needs, desires.

We'll do some radical writing excercises using bizarre rules and tools.

We'll look at Performance Poetry techniques - see what works and what doesn’t when poetry becomes performance.

Bring work to be performed/critiqued on the day.

We'll record some poetry and play it back.

All sorts of stuff. Come on - he won't bite

Plus, if you treat him well, the anti-poet will let you in on wordworksecrets you've previously never even imagined. So be nice, cause he has much to teach...

PHONE: (08) 9384 4771 EMAIL: mailto:fawwa@iinet.net.au

Tom Collins House, 88 Wood Street, in Allen Park Swanbourne

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