30 October 2005

24 October 2005

poem_chalk on brick

backyard shot


amphibology \am-fuh-BAH-luh-jee\ noun : a sentence or phrase that can be interpreted in more than one way...

21 October 2005

poem_fat lady

denial culture
she sings

like dima: the operatic nonchalance
the clown skool lady
the ashface; the grimy walk

in a meth induced legal coma
he speaks laws outside laws
rants memes of racist clocks
and razor plans built

our supreme being
a constitution of filth

the final solution a specific note
reaching for rancid policy
the deep pockets empty
this bone fabricator terrorism
in the desert of hunger strikers

of sand and dust and patches of idiotic sky

my subsonic telescope
a backyard hangman
a clergy headscarf
a book of names
of numbers
and units
of $

13 October 2005

genuine lips of gold for capital

indpendent satellite time dependent - oct05

Nimitz: vapour trails on an october sunset clause - gage roads

tantric remedies to get yr freak on
right here right now

its a funk-backed misadventure treaty baby
yeah a fulltime bullet-catcher for jeeesus
get me them searing fragments in my face man
just taste the burn
get me one o them phalanx penises baby
get me a noo wirld order like a mirror surface
my ultra-cool school strap-on cock suit
my nooklea fetish my pieces of fucking eight

fat n drippin fleshy accidents in yr trouser crease
like an april prolapse in mid-september rocket fuel

gunnin injuns and niggers and rednecks and ferals and greenies and war widows and dog-food eatin pensioners holy shit a brick for the baby jeesus

my motherland the death o me
my motherland the death o me

wish i had a yard of razor wire for evry time i heard that one he says from the podium, all salutin and trumpets/mission accomplished, carvin sly sonar at the deep deep trenches

and if galipoli is my middle name brother
i am not a suicide pram in uniform mate, charging into homeland security
i am not a strike force veteran, a peace-monger hat-stand grand slam fairy
not this tripped up stencil-wary mental apathy clause
but not this this social contractual obligation to the ecocidic social contract the social contract the social contract...

what fucking contract she bellows from the roof, broom and grenade in hand
ready to pounce on them aircraft carriers from the cybergods
prometheus, jesus, menzies and reagan and all that crown-land stolen
under our well shorn backs

and boy oh boy my admiral is splittin subatomic rage at the bridge
and lick the hairy balled monstrosity right here in this box
both of us and all of us
drifin kinda like shiftin twixt these fabric tectonic plates
and barbeque beers with fremantle queers
sippin toasting my brilliant career in killin

fluffy toys at christmas, at funerals and flag wavin ceremonies and i cant even feel the blood of the anthem. my sweating hands a litanic narrative of bile n twitch at every slice of mental cyclones n bars n barbed wire fantasies. understanding the words from the future of memory, the dinner-bell charter a relic of bug powder and monopoly shares, and money is the warmest cloth by far - she says all that glitters is titanium, is uranium, is like this swivel chair train. this cyclone shaped monolithic dreamscape - five four three two one.

and the flag drips, slippin up the magnificent pole, whispering lumberjack songs and shards of depleted uranium metal gather at our feet.

the dust never silent

11 October 2005

on the phone near mt newman [to the missed options]

on the phone near mt newman

1. discrete communications saw us break there,
forcibly reminded yr dissident angel is thwarted.
a banksia-facade she rants hard at the state railing

2. we pierce edges of the corruption lines
all finish coats and brindle stanzas in code;
sweating at 3AM roadside trailer noise
like broken waves, the doppelganger chorus
of you wanting to smash a phone

3. weep like santa-myth textiles, mills and mines
we dreamt fabulous tickets to tear the papers
the narrator took special care pronouncing its name

4. yet none of us around the circle remembered
we took turns at the wheel studying the doppler effect
crop circle meanings;

talking to static bramah bulls
and roos the size of utes

5. near perth we spoke nanoseconds to death
at the roads edge, the flash of steel speeds
red-eyed and transfixed;

a jarrah blur beneath