13 September 2005

SubVerse - Wake Up the Poets are here

SUBVERSE - poetry/performance
16/23/30th September
- $3/5entry
witness the fitness the poetry the poetry... go

SUB-VERSE -Poetry Performance/Readings - Queer, Political, Environmental, Experimental, Social Justice, Feminist, Performance antics etc - Like stuff what matters.

Venue: PERTH TOWN HALL Cnr Barrack and Hay Sts Perth.

Got something to say? Want to change the world or feel strongly about an issue? Just feel like ranting poetically? Got a stream of conscious needs airing? Are you a Hip-Hop Bush Poet? Or just word curious? A dose of spoken words from the underground...

Come along to the SubVerse Readings on Fridays throughout September and speak your massive words to the world.

We have hijacked the Perth Town Hall and we want YOU do be a creative dissident poet - or just come along to be inspired.

Open mic and bangin featured action. With a stiff focus on Performance Poetry.
Bring your hanky. All styles... Houseband: antipoet and the black bloc

Step up!

Friday 2nd Sept - 730
Friday 16th Sep 7.30pm
Friday 23rd Sep 7.30pm
Friday 30th Sep 7.30pm for the WA SPRING POETRY FESTIVAL Closing Party.

Part of the plethora of events happening throughout September 05 for the WASpringPoetryFest_05 - thewordisout.net

Get some.
c'mon down and get a grip

of some poetry fresh
all you can eat
the poets


a cleaver


12 September 2005

What the FUCK? Peace Activist to be Deported - detained as threat to national security

From Perth Indymedia: Peace activist detained as "threat to national security": Houston-based community organiser - Scott Parkin, a history teacher and Texas based peace activist, was detained by Australian Federal police on Saturday 10th September. He was arrested by AFP and immigration department officers at a Melbourne cafe on Saturday. Parkin was en route to a workshop he was about to give on the US invasion of Iraq and the companies which profit from war - such as Halliburton..."


11 September 2005

some shots

waiting for something to happen - 3 weeks on the road.
flu-ridden, stranded and homesick in bris-vegas... these shots from the Queensland Poetry Festival 2005 - "spoken in one strange word"... at the Judith Wright Performing Arts Centre.

kickin out the werd jamms - antipoet stylee.

07 September 2005

The Temporary Autonomous Zone, Ontological Anarchy, Poetic Terrorism

Wow what a crazy few weeks sprouting werdz at different folk in far off lands. Overload was massive and spastic. Tomas Ford is adhd-performance insanity encapsulated. And he wote a REALLY long poem/blog ["blogem"?] along the footpath of Brunswick St.Queensland PF = intense. Met some awesome people.

Contrary to popular concepts, Poetry IS NOT DEAD!

Hope to write more on the various antipoet adventures when I get a second. Busy with the WA Poetry Fest.

Go naked for a sign - Hakim Bey - TAZ

But anyway I read the final chapter of this essay whilst in Melbourne - thanks Tobes for the Book: "Cultural Resistance Reader."

More Bey Links:

Intend to write more about this...