31 January 2007

collusions: this crumbling minor access road

collusions: this crumbling minor access road

here, they say, at the sunny open-pit coalface,
trickling assets set the pace of addiction
blunt fat n wet, we take rabid random stabs
at those conservative crabs

yet, according to experts, the bleeding hearts
must survive cunted poetry of champions

deconstructed, dismissed and discharged,
the drenching of a piss party hoe
a great flaccid broken cock at the wheel,
his face dented - bloated

without her wedding vase mantra we break beats
and drive, those jolly wheels - ribbons of capital
- deflated, undulated shotguns of tribe

this total breakfast of a cultural monstrosity,
a graphic bacon-footed stance, a sow in violent labour
a spanking collapse of democracy,
a crown of bitter thorns in my gaping mouth
- this clandestine automated theocracy
where money and god are one

the hot blood of millions lingers like copper
and grease, and rotted human flesh
like fuckheaded banter on amber-wash stages
at the back of this swollen tongue

and we count: a billion baked steel examinations
a wound or two in these shrill February suns

in the half-price dawnscape now,
where the (r)evolutionary colours and footpaths speak

where all but cars and koolbardie are silent
we sit and breathe each other

antipoet - february 2007