09 March 2010

city and the sex

and yet beneath this womb
she can breathe smoke at last
a circle of steaming blood

more reason for riding tall
in short skirted manifestos

instead we count sheepskin pleats
and trot into her, blithe hems

you dig, feel beyond germaine skin
throw boot on tactile shovels

and history spoils our graves
to seek mastheads with tongues
like emma goldman

doodling at the fringes
with hatchets and axes
to bury and grind
in this lingerie cyclone

this month
another frilly tome
another shaved narrative

for him

08 March 2010


chicks here best grow crystals
from shiny, shaven skin
perfect sweat beads
like neon
or oil.

pacing stiletto satellites,
trimmed arms.

her dishes form curry crust.

3.5 million plucked from tv stardom
hoisted to the yoghurt nest,
a cultural norm
of all our spare penises

a grand piano of her enemy teeth
and this nappyscape
a pungent memoir
a day care manifesto

we breath diesel
and sell it

she says

02 March 2010

soundwave pickup

1800 billion or so
a mass daze swagger
a bassendean exit

30+ in 11PM carparks
surge @ red rooster rendezvous
the fuzzy-neon rush-blare of faith no more
& 4WD singlet traffic

the stench of rancid
waste toward tonkin
@ beldon mcdonalds
the burger is half pounder
a dozen yellow nuggets

our drive-thru boy
refuses to remember
the primary circle

the diff shifts in clunks
there is no doctor

a facebook status poem (420 characters only)