04 September 2008

Review: Blac Blocs

Album Review: Blac Blocs - Blac Blocs EP

Sep 01, 2008 in RADIODINGBAT Reviews

These days, even within the punk genre, music seems to be getting less angry. Even when the Polyphonic Spree, the world’s premier hippy collective, changed their robes for pseudo-fascist uniforms, their songs were still uplifting. However, there is not a single moment on local rockers Blac Blocs debut EP that screams ‘happy’. Rather, halfway through the pulsating mass of politically charged post-hardcore, you get the sense that this band wants to destroy the world. From the desolate artwork to the bleak lyrical content, Blac Blocs is an anarchistic journey through the soul. Which is what I’m sure they were aiming for.

Mock police sirens welcome you to the EP, signaling the momentous tone to come, before morphing into a nihilistic call to arms. “Police Are Outside” hits you with its ferocity; Ray Grenfell’s bass dominating proceedings. The people’s poet Allan Boyd tells of an Orwellian society – “Agent of the government/Police are outside/Can I get a witness/Police are outside/Think we have a problem/Police are outside/We should start a movement/Police are outside”. This rambunctious opener is a perfect introduction, and concludes with a rhyme to last the ages – “West Australia/Failure”.

Though their outlook may be bleak, Blac Blocs do not allow themselves to sink into despair. The band are excellent musicians, and it is these talents that ultimately endure. “Chair” is a searing punk rocker, while “KPI” offers more of the relentless guitars indicative of this EP, reminiscent in parts of the Mark of Cain, another Australian hard rock export. Boyd always sings to the rhythm, working in cohesion with drummer Trever Cotton. He spits his words, adding serious venom to opinionated tracks like “Politician” and “Pavement”. Blac Blocs is a fantastic tease of greater things to come, which is ironic for a band so deep in gloom.

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01 September 2008

2008 Australian Poetry Slam

It's back! Registrations are now open for the three Perth metro heats of the 2008 Australian Poetry Slam so email us now if you want to be a part of this year's wordplay. A maximum of 20 participants get to compete in each heat, and registrations are taken on a strictly first come, first served basis. This year's Slam in WA is presented in partnership with the 25th anniversary Artrage Festival and three Perth metro heats will take place at the Bakery Artrage Complex on James Street on the 2nd, 9th and 23rd October, from 8pm.

A regional heat will also be held in Geraldton on 13 September as part of the Big Sky Writers Festival.

And, in an exciting new partnership with ABC Local Radio, highlights from each heat will be broadcast on 720 ABC Radio Perth and mid-west.

The WA state final of the Slam will be held 6 November and the winner and runner up from the final will be flown to Sydney to compete in the national final to be held at the Sydney Opera House on 4 December.

The State finalist and runner up also receive cash prizes of $500 and $100 from writingWA. The national Slam champion will receive a cash prize of $5000 generously made available by the Caledonia Foundation.

In 2007 West Australian poet Vivienne Glance had great success in Sydney, placing third in the national finals. Who knows what might develop in 2008...

For more information about the Slam click here...