30 March 2006

The Ko like it like that

MiteyKo are playing Openmouth - see earlier blog entry below.! Beside a backyard party in October, the last thing we played was In the Pines 2005.

We haven't rehearsed for a long time, so it'll be a little rusty - but we're gonna give it a whirl! We're on at 9pm but theres a shitload of Openmic poetry to consume and participate.

Do it!

20 March 2006

Poem - a microphone for country

Poem - a microphone for country.
A fresh poem for March 20 2006...

microphone for country - an insurrection of place

19 March 2006

Danger: Perth faces monthly attack of killer poets

Danger: Perth faces monthly attack of killer poets


OMG! The OPENMOUTH POETRY SESSIONS return! From the murky depths of perth underground word culture comes a poetry reading like no other. Forget the traditional dry and sombre poetry readings. This is hectic and eclectic. This is a blending of genre. This is poetic collaboration and experimentation at the forefront of poetic discourse.

YOU ARE WELCOME to consume and/or participate in the OPENMOUTH - EVERY LAST THURSDAY of the month from 8pm at the Velvet Lounge in Mt Lawley. Starts 30th MARCH 2006...








Openmouth wants YOU!

We want to stuff as many poets and word artists into a 4 hour timeslot as possible.

To break up the dribble, we'll also feature fresh, local original bands delivering an special acoustic set each and every month.

We declare that the poets of Perth should get excited.

We should get rockin and get crankin!

Wanna SLAM?

Openmouth SLAMS: We're asking YOU to compete in a one hour slam style event each month, where a panel of randomly chosen audience members get to judge who comes back next month as a featured poet. We ask you to present your best work on stage in a 3 minute time limit, as a team or as an individual. As well as the er, vainglorious feeling of victory? - the winner will also recieve... prizes.

What is a slam?: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Slam_Poetry

Begining 30th March 2006 at 8pm sharp - and continuing every last Thursday of the month - we aim to make poetry a valid and consumable, real and raucous tool for passionate expression and consumption.

Embrace Semiotic Warfare!

We embrace collaboration.

WOODWORK POETZINE: We'll also be producing a regular zine and encourage zinemakers to random swap/trade zine-arts products at Openmouth.

Wanna READ/PERFORM? - Get in touch now - or rock up and put yr name down to read you work. We want to prove to punters that poetry can be sexy, that it can be nasty, and that it can transform society.

We are telling the world at large that poetry is far more relevant today that any other artform known to humanity.

Get on the RAPIDFIRE Open Mic and spurt out some choice words to the masses.


For more information/suggestions/ideas please phone allan boyd on 0402 573 580
or email: openmouth@lists.perthimc.asn.au

Standby for an Openmouth email-list and interactive website very soon.

the antipoet.