21 July 2005


Quick entry of a cut n paste of the Overload 2005 Program - Melbourne - August. Theres a bunch of fantastic poetry actions happening in the first week, which I'll miss.

I arrive on FRIDAY, 12 AUGUST...

I hope to do some stuff with Ashley J at this:

But . . . Is it poetry?
Glitch Bar 318 St Georges Road, North Fitzroy

Poetry close to the edge, poetry that’s beyond the edge, poetry that asks what is poetry? Sound & visual & concrete & new media & other experimental poetry. Featuring ?O, Arjen Duinker (Holland), Ania Walwicz, Ashley Higgs and the Ambulance Chasers + a showing of The Misfits, a video about the Fluxus movement...

this one would also be very good to see if i get a chance - and catch up with some excellent poets:

Feast 8.00pm-11.00pm
Salon Kitty - 399A High Street, Northcote
Feast is a dedicated female performance space, but the boys are allowed in tonight. That doesn’t mean it’s your Friday night pick-up joint, so show some respect. It’s all about creating a comfortable, hassle-free environment. Kelly-Lee Hickey, Lisa Greenaway, Gemnastics, with Emma Wall headlining. $10

SATURDAY 13: Maybe have a TEAM_X meeting and then probably go to this:

Noodle Shop of Horrors 7.00pm-10.30pm (Box Hill Community Arts Centre)

Do your noodle with Jezza, Josephine Rowe and Steve Smart. Go wild in the middle of the eastern suburbs. Go crazy! Poetry gigs in Box Hill are scarce, it’s true, but not unheard of. There should be more of them and if this one goes well, who knows, there may just be. Sponsored by the City of Whitehorse and the Box Hill Community Arts Centre. MC: Ted Lord. Includes open section, so what are you waiting for? The time has come, finally, to share your words. Entry: gold coin donation

and on the


Poets’ Breakfast 6.00pm-11.00pm
Tote Hotel 71 Johnston Street, Collingwood Cnr Wellington Street
Poetry and meat – together at last! Drop in and sing for your sausage. No really, you want a free sausage, you’re going to have to impress us. This is the messiest gig we could come up with and it’s all at The Tote, ’cause we’re so Rock. The Waiter, Benito di Fonzo, Kelly-Lee Hickey, Richard Watts, Tom Doig, Ula Majewski, Justin Heazlewood (the Bedroom Philosopher), Allan Boyd, Kerryn Tredrea, Steve Smart, Meg Dunn and Eytan Messiah + special guests. Entry: gold coin donation

Man. Great stuff to be part of those fuckers but I will miss Ashley doing this.

But . . . is it Poetry? – Unknown Language: 8.00pm-10.30pm (Glitch Bar + Cinema) Poetry close to the edge, poetry that’s beyond the edge, poetry that asks what is poetry? Sound & visual & concrete & new media & other experimental poetry. Featured artists of the poetry, sound, music, noise variety include Arjen Duinker, Unamunos Quorum, Paul A Skec, Team Red, Shane van den Akker, Eytan Messiah and Ashley Higgs...

But I'm sure trashley and I will terrorise/coagulate each others performances throughout the week. Then THIS seems to be me doing a SOLO? gig hmmm...

Tuesday, 16 AUGUST

Spinning Room

8.00pm-11.00pm (ET’s 211 High Street, Prahran)
The WA anti-poet loves words and knows how to use them, and has a blog. And he knows how to work an audience anywhere at any time. Allan is coming back for his second Overload, with mischief on his mind. It’s going to be everything you never knew you wanted, but we’re telling you right now, you do. Limited open mic. FREE EVENT

on THURSDAY, 18 AUGUST, i'm performing laptop audio stuff at UBERLINGA - St Jeromes - 7 Caledonion Lane, Melbourne (off Lonsdale Street)

Spot The Bullshit Night 10.30pm-1.30pm
The Spot 133 Sydney Road, Brunswick

The Spot is the Brunswick Lentil space and we couldn’t think of anywhere better to rap up our Brunswick Poetry Explosion Night. This is going to be RAD. Sorry did I say that? Featuring
the Klare Lanson – Tom├ís Ford Experience, Joe di Iacobo, Allan Boyd, Gemnastics, Kerryn Tredrea, Paul A Skec, Maitland Schnars and Maurice McNamara. Cost: $5

Carnival of Broken Rhymes/Festival Gala
7.00pm-late (Fad Gallery)
The Carnival of Broken Rhymes begins with the Final of the first ever Word Wrestling Federation Slam Series – NSW versus VIC. It’s a hotly contested team Slam (live poetry competition featuring audience judges) that will allow all states in the coming year to vie for the WWF title belt. Check out www.wordwrestling federation.com.au for more details. WWF will be filmed too.

The Slam will be followed by a Festival Gala featuring Maitland Schnaars (plus dancer and didge player all the way from WA), Gemnastics, Citizen Tom, Paola Bilbrough, Paul Mitchell, Kerryn Tredrea, Lisa Bellear (TBC), Zoey Zee and Anita Sinclair as well as the Overload staff picks from the fest. Add to that the Heckling Comp, bellydance by Trisnasari, DJ’s and more. It’s a gig, it’s a party, it’s OVER!! Actually, there’s an after party/BVC launch the next day so it’s not quite over, but the official side of it is done with, now we can relax.

Overload After-Party + BVC DVD Launch
4.00pm-10.00pm (Prahran)
If you want to see the launch of the official Big Voice Chorus DVD and celebrate the end of the 2005 Overload Poetry Festival, then get yourself on the phone to the Overload office and we’ll tell you where to go. Not in a terse, horrible ‘we’ve seen enough of you in the last two weeks, piss off and leave us alone’ kind of way, just directions to the party is all. We can say that there will be fire-twirling and music (WASHBOARD!!!); there will be barbequing and there will be drinking, ’cause it’s a poets’ party, and if you’ve learned anything over the past two weeks it’s how the poets party. And it will be in Prahran from 4.00pm onwards. That’s Peraaaaan to you interstaters.

Massive actions.

Fucking cool huh... then off to the Queensland Poetry Festival to hang out and do MORE poetry with more weird poets like me. And to join up with Kevin Gillam [MiteyKo]. Then of course back to PERTH for the SPRING POETRY FESTIVAL and the SubVers Readings amongst other stuff - including the launch of ANTIPOET and the Black Bloc...


17 July 2005


smashing the cultural facade YOU
big smack hip on two dollar grips it

these popular canvas monstrosities
and darwinist philosophies
served up in trim packets
of spastic fireworks or evangelistic colourform
but without truth or fabricated
formulated concept

like the warm blood
of a first people raped and killed
never remedied and diseased
for power sheep and 4WDs
and the bitumen government
eats you in clandestine fuck-squads
but the clearlight government gets
what the clearfell government wants
and the government repeats itself
or regurgitates or regurgitates
or regurgitates

and the falling forests fall
in hip-hop glory foolisms
or leaves never spaketh
like shakespeare's desalination
coloured dots on my screen
like an advert for rubber pipes
and latex whores
in bed with cigarettes

and tonight i only speak at parties
for the dearly departed cluster-bombs
like a prime minister hellfire to killer
and the beer runs out
because we are poor
not because we contribute

we wait in static neuronic media stanza
and one day i will buy a brewing kit
to undermine the facist fuck fuckers,
he said in a red slur
and shunts like a thomas the tank engine
mounted with multiple barrels
of depleted yellowcake cycles

and YOUR poems about sunsets and noodles
make my hairy arse bleed a nu blues
or something
i neeeeeed something
to make my euro-kid nose drip
my lips crack in the heat of this winter

this nuclear framework
this end of an era
this toolshed fantasy
and i die each day i wake

and you and me we are brothers
and sisters of the disgusting

14 July 2005

"antipoet presents?"

I'm starting a new, hopefully regular segment on RTRFM's Morning Magazine. I'll read some stuff on air and talk about poetry in general. Also will be announcing the Spring Poetry Month - THE WORD IS OUT!

10:45 AM Thursdays - Tune into RTRFM 92.1 here in Perth - or http://rtrfm.com.au to stream it...

05 July 2005

i'm going to melbourne then brisbane...

In August, I'm off to Melbourne for the Overload Poetry Festival 2005. I went last year and had a riot spittin word at the scene, and to engage with the massive creative energy Melbourne has on offer. It's streets bleed the stuff into the walls and the bitumen. Steve Smart and his bold crew put on over a fortnight of events, workshops, debates, and superb readings and performances.

So, I've been asked to participate again. I can't wait. I'll be implementing a project called: TEAM X.

I will also have some new poetry zines for sale/swap/trade like. And a fresh CD of new poetry and audio stuff.

Following Overload, I'll catch the bus to Brisbane for the Queensland Poetry Festival 2005. I have been invited as a guest to perform, conduct workshops and engage with fellow poets. I've never been to Brisbane so looking forward to that. And also to catch up with some autonomous crew.

I leave on Friday August 12th.

In the meantime I'm working on the this:
the word is out! spring poetry month