11 June 2004

here it is folks: the manifesto. i will publish here soon too.


i was recently emerging writer in residence at tom collins house [Fawwa] and wrote the above document...

also some recent performance stuff here on perth indymedia...


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below is a bit of semifresh gear...


And so this cello revolution

Like children in detention

The hardline mask of immigration the fear of an imaginary border

This pile of money seeking a soul - your souls
Yet thousands denied your compassion and my TV body is a liar
A corporate cancer clusterfuck – this dominant historical moment
Your lack of treaty between human to human to human…

But please deny yr basic rights
as new age mental institution sucks your dented gutted life

Sign says: Leave yr old-hippy peace shit love at the gate and

the gate the gate the gate the gate the broken gate is open.

too late too late too late too late the crooked mare has broken.

her fate her fate her fate her fate this crispy suit has spoken.

the gate the gate the gate the gate the crippled face emotion

now is broken broken broken…

And the razor wire cuts yr hands as you tear
the cyclones from the bars

You watch them painting azadi azadi azadi on the cameras in blood

The freedom of yrs denied for white supremacy
And lack of human understanding
We all fail under the flag of broken democracy

And so we live like tender pigs in cages of magic money

And handing out our orders to those without the papers
With those that sold their souls to get a roof without fear of rape and torture
For those without the money we lock the door to you

Without the ability to be clear and makin up the rules as they go they lie
and make my brothers wait and wait and wait

And so we plan the breaks and wish the laws affect the ones who make them
And the rich get richer like a cliché definition
And so we pay the offshore corporations
$400,000 a day to jail a thousand persecuted people…

and on my screen they chant the fear the screaming terror
or the feeble justification - they smile like clean fat facades of bloated wallets
unable to feeeeeel a thing - an empty hearted conflagration

And so when we wipe the tears we forgot the boundless plains to share
And so my brothers stitch their lips in deserted desert desperation.
And did we forget that histories page at every stage my condemned rage
We look to see our racist constitution – over the shoulder force-fed retribution

Azadi azadi azadi

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