12 August 2004

MELBOURNE overload poetry festival 2004

have invited me to sprout antipoetica for 10 days

so for anyone interested, and apparently people DO actually read this antipoetry data-dump blog of mine, heres my stuff at the Overload Festival in Melbourne over the next coupla weeks...

theres heaps of shit happenin, and i'll be inflicting collaborative improvisatory moments of werd terror on unsuspecting audiences with fellow poeticianista and "blatheritician!" inciter and blender of sonic meaning - ASHLEY J HIGGS...

melbourne is gonna be cold.

===Saturday August 14 6.30 for 7pm
The VWC and Overload present Great Poetry Debate 

Old Colonial Hotel,
Brunswick St

Watch our debaters bash a poetic path through the fiercely contested grounds of form
and free verse in modernday poetry. Join our stellar cast of interstate and local
guests in this turning point for poetry debates. Cheer for MC Lauren Williams as she
corrals our teams ‘For Form’: PiO (VIC), David Prater (VIC) and Alison Croggon
& ‘For Free Verse’: Allan Boyd (WA), Lisa Greenaway (NSW) and Kristin Henry (VIC).
Cost: $7, Members /Conc. $5. Contact Steve Grimwade @ the VWC: 9654 9068

====Wednesday, 18 August 1:00-3:00 PM

Allan Boyd Workshop Vic Writers' Centre
The anti-poet descends . . . Learn that suffering for your art is a personal choice,
not a foregone conclusion. Take the power back and shape words to your own wants
& desires. (workshop coordinated by Allan Boyd (WA) the anitpoet)
$10/12 - bookings Overload.

=====Friday, 20 August 8:30 PM

Unknown Language Glitch
318 St Georges Rd Nth. Fitzroy
Sonic poetry night - Glitch bar & cinema, The Overload Poetry Festival
and 'Jezza' P.A. Speelman present a night of experimental sound and performance
poetry featuring Unamunos Quorum, Xtian, Morissey Morrison, Scott Baker (Wagga),
'the antipoet' (allan boyd) and Team Red performing pieces including vocal
experimentation and digital meanderings in front of a backdrop of projected imagery.
'Unkown Language' aims to display the poetic value of sound and the metaphoric
imagery it can manifest in one's imagination. $10 / $7 conc.

=====Saturday, 21 August 6:00-8:30PM

Trouble in Ballarat

Grainery Lane Theatre & Gallery, 34 Doveton St
Nth, Ballarat Featuring Cam Black, Kerryn Tredrea, Allan Boyd, Meg Dunn,
Kelly-Lee Hickey, Lisa Greenaway, Steve Smart and more. Try to set the night on fire
with some of the awesomest poets in this wide brown-green, red, golden,
rust coloured land. $5/7

======Sunday 22nd August 7 PM

Loop, Myers Place, City
This is a new one for Overload, a multi-media extravaganza type event
that will expand your idea of spoken word. Featuring electronic music
with computer/human generated visual imagery and spoken word from some
of Australia’s best in these fields.
Klare Lanson + Hypersense Complex (ACT) + Allan Boyd (WA).

And it’ll be your first chance to
catch Klare performing after her mad O/S adventure. $5


OR: u can email Ollie Overload <overload_inc@yahoo.com.au>
for more info if u like...

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