17 July 2005


smashing the cultural facade YOU
big smack hip on two dollar grips it

these popular canvas monstrosities
and darwinist philosophies
served up in trim packets
of spastic fireworks or evangelistic colourform
but without truth or fabricated
formulated concept

like the warm blood
of a first people raped and killed
never remedied and diseased
for power sheep and 4WDs
and the bitumen government
eats you in clandestine fuck-squads
but the clearlight government gets
what the clearfell government wants
and the government repeats itself
or regurgitates or regurgitates
or regurgitates

and the falling forests fall
in hip-hop glory foolisms
or leaves never spaketh
like shakespeare's desalination
coloured dots on my screen
like an advert for rubber pipes
and latex whores
in bed with cigarettes

and tonight i only speak at parties
for the dearly departed cluster-bombs
like a prime minister hellfire to killer
and the beer runs out
because we are poor
not because we contribute

we wait in static neuronic media stanza
and one day i will buy a brewing kit
to undermine the facist fuck fuckers,
he said in a red slur
and shunts like a thomas the tank engine
mounted with multiple barrels
of depleted yellowcake cycles

and YOUR poems about sunsets and noodles
make my hairy arse bleed a nu blues
or something
i neeeeeed something
to make my euro-kid nose drip
my lips crack in the heat of this winter

this nuclear framework
this end of an era
this toolshed fantasy
and i die each day i wake

and you and me we are brothers
and sisters of the disgusting

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