01 August 2005


more melbourne OVERLOAD_05 action - antipoet on at 10pm...

Overload Poetry Festival 2005 Presents

Sunday August 14 8pm - 11pm

Take cover! Live poets take on film, using projections.

DIRECT FROM ACEH, the first Melbourne appearance of: AZHARI (23, multi-award-winner - youngest ever of the Free Word Award, Holland 2005), plus:

– KLARE LANSON Multi-Slam Winning Queen-About-Town

– IAN MCBRYDE the Red-Headed King of Canadian Chill

– JEN JEWEL BROWN '04 Poetry Cup Best Performer


– ALLAN BOYD (WA) 'Bozo,''Anti-Poet", sonic agitator, damn entertaining

– OPEN SECTION under projection.

– Entry $5.

at LooP
Myers Place
(opp. The Metro)

::::and look out for TEAM_X::::


Alison said...

Hi Allan,

I recently sent you a few questions on behalf of Scene magazine Brisbane in relation to your involvement in the QLD poetry Festival.
Firstly, I would like to say that I would have preferred the chance to speak to you one on one as I think your thoughts would have been better communicated than a few questions sent off to you over the internet.

Secondly, I don't know whether this is the appropriate forum ,but I would like to say that I am stoked to have come across your work. When you find someone a couple of chapters ahead of yourself, to the point where they can put words to the thoughts you thought only you and your closest mates considered is a wonderful thing.

Basically, I'm wanting to say, thankyou for being proactive enough to really 'do'something about the situations a lot of people feel are hopeless.

I look forward to following your work, and, in the same breath, carrying the torch - without sounding too morbid, or self-righteous, about it. Although, I do feel these things are all too often labelled as leftist rantings when two words would suffice ; the truth.

Thanks, and good luck,

ALison Mooney

Anonymous said...

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