12 October 2006

three poems

this obese insight of us

these colonic old streets
wet barcoded words
on this continuous, poetic leaf
the luxury of granulated oxygen

consumed here, in this leadlight space
a murray street mindshare,
shaved alive inside your narrows
her honour a sheepsback mountain

one momentary glimpse:
a transitory fleshy circuit
a plasma of our station
this concrete etching thing

swallowing the future virus
a blank rhetoric before we cease
like the memory of money
brittle as a ceramic option

ah! we are but metaphors,
said the blistering sky
of rancid crops, she said
her back to the bricks


the cattle truck of meaning:
a city smoke reading

consistent spring streets, a bile
a rampant train of consigned credit
our scenic carparks - ruined wattle

waiting for access to each side of you
my plastic rigidity reflected wax
a bitter slash in the shopfront mirror

this spiral of clarity as the siren speaks
in clouds of impulse buyer guilt
a bold face of cream - an institute
a polaroid the size of a bustop

yet a paddock of nothing
is never empty

and we wait in uniforms -
an inspection of this brick-paved silhouette -
a desalinated interest


at capital colour corner

my recycled face digging you
and your wheatbelt masculinity
these feet an achey-break riff

asked yet unspoken:
this honours student of mass capital
a shred of incarcerated beef
versus my guantanamo teeth
a separate score to reach

an electric sweat bag of global insecurity; an awkward hip,
a copper taste, the hay street cracks,
a horses tender hoof

hers is the green swaggered will
of a buckled ten speed racer
a HK grille for teeth

the rape of stunning clouds
a jarrah without arms
shifts dust unnoticed

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