15 October 2007

Ashley J Higgs vs Blac Blocs

Ashley Higgs vs Blac Blocs

This Wednesday 17th October from 8pm at the Rosemount Hotel... Also featuring Tomas Ford!

Melbourne transformance poet - Ashley J Higgs meets the Blac Blocs...

Angrove & Fitzgerald St, North Perth from 8pm Free Entry

Witness Melbourne's ultimate sound poet ASHLEY J HIGGS take on Perth's uber dirt-rock activista band, "Blac Blocs" - featuring Allan Boyd the Antipoet. Both Boyd and Higgs were members of Perth's notorious anti-music movement "The Magick Trousers" in the 1990s.

Whilst not an official WA POETRY Festival event, Higgs will feature as part of the Blac Bloc's set at the Rosemount. This is a rare opportunity to uncover one of Australia's best poetry performance artists.

Following the Blac Blocs set, indy band Airport City Shuffle and death cabaret star Tomas Ford will do battle with each others work.

See here for details: Perth Bands Calendar

Oright... Or Phone 0402 573 580 for details..


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