20 August 2008

Blac Blocs CD Launch

My rock band - Blac Blocs is launching a 7 track CD this Saturday at the Hyde Park Hotel Frontbar.

We recorded and mixed it ourselves over the last few months. Adem K and Laurie Sinagra mastered it.

"Blac Blocs, Perth's freshest direct-action dirt-rockers are currently recording their much awaited debut 7 track CD.

Formed in early 2007, the subversive and boisterous 4 piece have since graced the stages of most Perth original band venues - as well as solid backyard touring schedule with multiple encounters with the WA Police.

Supporting the likes of Melbourne's Witch Hats, Black Level Embassy, Curse ov Dialect, Elf Tranzporter and too many local acts over the last year, the boys are sphincter-tight and ready to spit bits with the best bitches.

Described as "Midnight Oil meets Fugazi", Blac Blocs' unique hard-edged post-punk sound and complaint-rock poetics have been captured for consumption on a CD to be released on August 23rd at the Hyde Park Hotel Frontbar..."

There's a myspace and a band website.

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