12 August 2008

this microphone

and i wish i was writing this poem without arms
if only to feel yr economic reality
my permanent latex phallacy
touching the roof of yr potent mouth
a violent tapestry of idiosyncratic verbosity
a hitleresque salute of olympic proportions

foot stamp hard down on the rubber
of distortion pedal
an overdriven eyepatch
like a glistening donkey
or a blistering monkey
gathering AIDS and weary simpsons
for a new kinda jesus
one with metal spikes for eyes
a tobacco lawyer on roids
wishing it was 1968 again

and we sold each others' golden gestures
a heartfelt grab for a battered penis
an umbrella-shaped vagina
and all this time on this second cycle

this microphone
this microphone
this microphone
this mic

telling a thousand lyrical stories
of drunken poets and werds eaten in teams
of very dead writers and dread-locked drinkers
of shaven-headed 6AM tag-fuckers
using my rigid cock as a screwdriver
a texta never bending my body forward enough
yet yr thumb deep inside me
up to this knuckle

this microphone
this microphone
this microphone
this mic

and at the 3rd stroke i'm swallowing it whole
neither of us really understanding
our former facebook-selves now
my pink avatar a token for Allah
being remembered for scratching obscenities in glass
a swollen river of the drinking-class
this poised an..ti..ci..pa..tion..
as we wait for a new bad song
a new shit poem
a brand gnu meme-screamin crockpot genie
but that's all there is

from this microphone

this microphone
this microphone
this microphone
this mic...


allan boyd - antipoet
11 August 2008

performed at J-Studios and Dantes

2008 Overload Poetry Festival, Melbourne

1 comment:

kami said...

wish i could have been there mate.. but we're going over next weekend for book launch and i just couldnt afford to do it twice... hell, truth be told i cant even afford to do it once !
sounds like you had a ball though