18 October 2009


there are roads that wont be driven down
there are words that must not be written down
there are no walls that cannot be painted on
there are people that wont be broken down

there is music that will not be listened to
there are gardens that once were bitumen
there are credits we must rely upon
there are desires you should act upon

get in line
hold the line
drive the line
stand in line
form a line
remain in line
break the line
this is the thought crime...

there is country that will not be occupied
there are the rocks that cannot be sacrificed
there is no species that cannot be pacified
there are no people that have not been compromised

blac blocs lyric...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

this is good, but maybe there is too much a flow... i mean you if there was a sort of break, a feeling a halt, i'm somwhat anarchistic myself, in a self govern sense which really is anarchy in some tendencies. theres always some reveloution happening, somwhere, good poem