08 February 2010

Big Day Out 2010 Photos - The Scare

"Back at the small stage, we discover The Scare. Frontman Kiss Reid taunts a boisterous mob into delicious submission. The Scare are grindin' hips, oozing a dark and naughty swagger - frontbar theatrics and beer sweat personified. All five members give everything to the BDO cause. Cool-as-fuck attitude with dirty, dirty banter. At set's end Reid launches himself into the crowd. Most audacious act of the day..."

From my review of BDO 2010 in RHUM

Photos below taken of the The Scare on the Hot Produce Stage BDO Perth, January 31, 2010 - around 4pm. I've adjusted the light, colour and cropped some of them.

photos on this page of The Scare - taken by allan boyd at Big Day Out Perth 2010 - creative commons - ie: free to use for all - but feel free to link back or acknowledge the source

al - email: al@radicalhack.com

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