31 August 2011

metaphrastic tendencies - DRAFTING

metaphrastic tendencies
just woken up in a broken country 
no new hope for those 
without the funding
without the freedom
the paper nation 
fearing a twisted invasion 
locked up at the gatepost
those on busted boats are shunted

and pardon my metaphrastic tendencies

I'm dragging my knuckles 
on the concrete trees
the neon beer-stains
the lime-flavoured holdens
the fuck off we're full mentality 
- the spasticity 
of these cites
these rural cuntscapes 
under bonnets 
seeking solace in the suspension
the detention of children 
is barely an offence to them

scuse my metaphrastic tendencies
according to the idiotic 
mediocracy, the bent 
and busted idolatry 
of cheap authentic
chinese things

and digital

we eat pills 
and pills 
and pills 
and flourescent
corporate vegetables
and special special beers 
that taste like beer 
that look like beer 
but scanty chicks 
in shiny skin
deliver these

in packs

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